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James R Hovis, Jr. CPA and his team provide personal accounting services in Dallas, North Carolina, throughout the state, and in South Carolina.


The financial aspects are important parts of preparing your estate. We can help you determine the value of your assets, from personal items to property and vehicles. We have contacts we can refer to assist with disposing of inherited property. If an estate return is necessary, we will ensure it's prepared properly and tax kept to the legal minimum.


Planning for retirement begins with getting an understanding of how much money you have available, how much you should continue to save and what your income sources will be after retirement. We can help you start, switch or grow your retirement funds so you can relax and enjoy your retirement comfortably.

Tax Advisory

Our tax advisory services will keep you from having surprises at the year end. Working together, we can develop a strategy to ensure you get to keep and enjoy your hard earned income. We can also assist in leaving a legacy to loved ones.

Life Insurance, Annuities, Mutual funds

We have close relationships with professionals in these areas and will assist you in accessing the services you need and paying the minimum tax. We can also work with your advisor, if you already have a relationship, to ensure you are not overpaying taxes.

Individual Income Tax Returns

You can use do-it-yourself websites to file your tax return but most individuals miss out on deductions and credits that can increase their refund. If you have a lot of assets, it can get confusing, and making a mistake on your tax return form can be costly and may result in an audit. Our firm will make sure your taxes are done correctly, asking the right questions to ensure you benefit as much as possible from our professional tax preparation services.

Estate & Fiduciary Tax Reporting

We work closely with estate and tax attorneys to ensure accurate, and complete reporting on the appropriate tax returns. Should you need assistance with closing an estate, we can work with your attorney however necessary.

Business Tax Returns

We prepare all types of business returns. S-corp, C-corp, Partnership, Non-Profit, Rental property, and Sole Proprietors. We will ensure the accounting records are complete and accurate and will assist / represent your business in case of an audit.

Monthly Write-Up Service

Bring us your bank statements, check register, daily cash, register tapes, or invoices, credit card statements, and a listing of cash transactions each month and leave the burden of accurate bookkeeping to us. We will ensure everything is posted to the appropriate account on the general ledger and that the ledger balances to your bank statements. This service also includes preparing and depositing sales tax and payroll taxes in a timely manner.

Business Tax Planning

Good business tax planning starts with accurate and complete accounting. We offer complete monthly write-up services to ensure your accounting records are accurate and will withstand scrutiny from taxing authorities. We will assist with ensuring you receive every deduction and tax savings available to you.

Payroll Service

We offer complete payroll services for smaller companies. We also work closely with an excellent third party payroll provider for larger payrolls.

S & C Corporations

We will help you understand the differences between S & C Corporations and which is better for your particular tax situation.

Budget Preparation & Reporting

We can assist your business, church, or other non-profit in developing an operating budget. We also will develop reporting so you can track how well you are staying on budget.

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